Sometimes I sing when the rain falls

Sometimes I smile when the sun shuts its eyes






Sometimes I see you watching over me


I always think of you in the bright lights

I always love you when the moon shines




Sometimes I forget to tell you you’re the one for me

But I always know there’s no one else … one else……no one else


I look around and I see your love

Shining down on me up from above

Really makes me wanna tell the world

About the good things that I’ve found in love

My heart, my soul

Everything I have is for you

I cannot lie,

I feel so good, when I am with you

I know you see me

Everywhere, you’re with me

Shown me so much love

It’s a like gift when you embrace me

I don’t know how to tell you

What I really wanna tell you now

But it’s amazing

to feel your loving all around

Sometimes I see you

Watching over me

It makes wanna shout

Let it out

Tell the world what it’s all about

Wanna turn myself inside out

This love is so deep, I wanna bring it out

I feel so good

There ain’t no doubt

This kind out love

Is one I can’t live with out

You keep it on and on

It never stops

I’ll always talk of your love

Till the very day I drop

Sometimes I feel you

All around me

Even when I’m alone

I think of you and I’m happy

So come rain or shine

Though it may feel sublime

I know you’re watching me

I always feel your love around me sometimes

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Kim Cameron and Side FX just released “Dancing in the dark”‘s version of The Bimbo Jones. The bassline flows gently in a perfect balance with the pure house groove, while the break part comes in a very refreshing way, filled with crazy piano lines, powerful vocals and vocals from the original tune. The track has a really nice and energetic feel to it, featuring a lot of diversity in regards to the choice of sounds, perfect for this summer!

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There are many factors which make this EP work so tremendously well. For one, Kim Cameron seems to recognize the factors that make up a truly good pop song. The things that worked for Steve Perry, Earth Wind & Fire, and The Carpenters can all be found in the tracks of this EP in 2016. But of course, Kim takes these sounds and allows them to evolve, to fit the modern style, while still embracing the variance and rich flavor that they bring to the release.

From the satisfyingly gritty guitar opening on “But You,” to the shimmering strings on “Falling Stars,” Naturally Yours embraces and enhances the sounds and styles we’ve come to know and love in popular music from the 1970s to this very day. -Andrew Oliver   

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Side FX & Kim Cameron teamed up to release a brand new track called “Wanna Go”. Even though the original tune sounds good as it is, the remix from Halo’s Bosa Nova sounds even better. Bringing a latino vibe on a groovy deep house tune with the background trumpets and the salsa rhythmic part, the producer managed to create a real dance floor killer, ready to be played on any beach or club party this summer.

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"With each power-packed single released, the band continues to evolve and break genre barriers. The two high-energy and club-worthy singles are made for dance floors and will have music lovers wanting more." -New Music Weekly

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Track Review: Side FX and Kim Cameron’s
“Let’s Fall in Love”
Posted on
August 22, 2014
by Andrew Oliver
When I think of the artists who top the Billboard charts today, my reaction is typically one of indifference
at best. With few exceptions, modern pop music very seldom has any surprises to offer listeners anymore, whether it be in terms of innovation, creativity, or, even more subjective, quality.
Thankfully, it seems that “Let’s Fall in Love” is one of those exceptions. Sleek, stylish, and polished almost to the
point of sterility, the track becomes immediately reminiscent of the bright synths and sounds of the 80s, but with an
undeniably modern injection
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"The new album is an invaluable product of ingeniousness, because it features clear vocals, memorable melodies, and adventurous instrumentation without compromising quality. Spin Me Ever After features vocals similar in tone to Madonna, Ace Of Base, Kylie Minogue, and Nazanin. The effects of the music will have you spinning this album over and over without fatigue. In short, the only side effects with playing this music are good and mainly involve a penchant for repeated listens. Nothing is amiss here." --Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

(Aug 2012) 5 Stars (out of 5) ★★★★★

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All of the individual tracks are strong on their own, and the remixes give them a different vibe. For instance, "Carnival of Baggage" has a very Blondie feel to it, but on the very next track it is remixed into a club banger. 

What is really amazing is the band's ability to create a steady stream of music. They have never really had a drought where they were missing from the music scene, giving fans a steady stream of music to enjoy and discover as the year unfolds. They've started off 2015 with a full album. 

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“Forever” is still undeniably poppy, as a Cameron track would be, but the focus has shifted to a more bass
heavy texture, one that is not quite organic but certainly more intimate, as this production shifts all the
more emphasis to Ms. Cameron’s phenomenal vocals. By the time the track reached it’s end, I knew I had to play it right over again. -Andrew Oliver
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Side FX has brought the sound of the 80s pop scene to the new millennium with a new sound that blows others out of the water. Kims vocals are seductive and captivating to your ears. Do I hear Grammys?
Mark Maverick, General Manager, INDIE104 - iRADIO LA

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It took a mainstream pop/rock act like Side FX to show how hooky the indie aesthetic could be, fully exploiting its Top 40 potential.Cameron saves two of her biggest surprises for halfway through the album. Side FX breaks all the rules of contemporary pop music, making them true rebels, yet remaining accessible to the masses.
Ink 19 (May 2010)

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"Through it all, lead singer Kim Cameron, who also wrote these songs, seduces us with her soulful tones. Contradictions doesn't sound like an independent release at all. It's a polished, professionally executived affair with top-flight guitar work...." --Kit Burns, Overground (Sept 2008)

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