Another Year, Another Album

Another Year, Another Album

Posted 1/2/2018

I released my 9th album………9 albums. When I began this journey in 2008, I never envisioned coming up with enough songs for 9 albums. (And, the music videos that accompany them!)

I was looking at them last night…some are hard to watch because, if I could do it all over again, I would.


I think a lot about re-creating when it comes to my past work. In fact, I redid several of them for this album. Here’s is a rework of one:



It feels a bit catcher, current…at least, to me J But, as we all know, music is very subjective. My hope is that everyone will find at least one song, sound or lyric that makes them smile. If I can achieve some smiles, then my album is a success.


Last weekend, I did attend some Grammy parties, saw some old friends and a few new ones. Here’s an acoustical performance that DJ Halo and I did: Watch Here


So, here we are, another year. Another year to meet new goals, make new friends and touch new souls.

Keep on lovin’


Love and Kissies!♡


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