Back from Tour

Back from Tour

Posted 6/10/2018

I would try to make an excuse why it has taken me 6 months to write another blog entry......but I really have no excuse! Touring Europe is always a major thrill for me, but this year, it felt a bit extra special.  DJ Halo and my manager Mike, added a spice to the trip that kept us all laughing.  

I began my journey in Lisbon..which was always a place I wanted to see.  The people were amazing!  So friendly, so welcoming.  Then, I went to Prague.  Again, the people were so friendly, and I picked up some wicked shoes!  

Next stop, was Ibiza.  Three performances and a music video shoot.  I thought I would have a bit of free time, but life stayed pretty busy.



The best way, I found, to see the island of Ibiza was to shoot a music video!



After the week of performances, meeting new people, sampling the food, I headed to Madrid to learn my recent music video 'Spin Me Ever After,' was just nominated by the Madrid International Film Festival, and that I had won not just one, but two Global Music Awards.  Yes, I ended the tour with a high that cannot be described.


It just goes to show you, that life continues to grow beautiful things around you if you have a little trust.  My message today, trust and courage go a long long long way....




Love and Kissies!♡


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