What Does 2019 Look Like?

What Does 2019 Look Like?

Posted 1/16/2019

2018 flew by.  I finished my 10thalbum…one of my favorites (Carpe Musicam èhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe2IrLRRDFMuFDrm1IAYccGMJGjfRkM8i )….and now I look at the new year with much anticipation.  


My Carpe Musicam tour continues, kicking off in Marrakech.  It was my first time in Morocco, and I found the people, food and culture to be, almost magical.  The next stops include Los Angeles, New York and then, off to Europe.  We may slide a few more stops in-between….


My biggest project, however, will be Seaper Powers: The Movie. (http://www.seaperpowers.com) It took me a year to write the movie script, and then several full-time months to complete the storyboards.  I just recently finished the casting for the characters, and am about mid-way through the recording of all the voices.  I hope to have the premiere in late August…but we will see how fast we move.  The soundtrack that John DePatie, DJ Halo and I are writing is gonna be so fun…happy….dramatic..and tropical J.  


When we are not focused on the Movie, of course, we will complete the audio book for my newest children’s book ‘The Red Cap.’ 


This year has only begun, and yet I am blessed with some great news.  I am in a big spread of the glossy Live’in Style Magazine, now out in stores, and have been nominated for The Akademia Executive Award (their highest honor) for exceptional talent, dedication and contribution to the field of music.  So, yes, I am blushing…..


I will keep you all posted on http://www.twitter.com/sidefxbandas things mature!


Love and Kissies!



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