About Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron and her band Side FX is a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping deep house sound with placements on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, CMJ, AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts.  

International Singer

Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants, Redskins) to over 75,000, performed for the National League (Marlins Baseball), toured across the U.S., Caribbean & Europe and China. She was also asked to perform at the Xiamen Music Festival in China, receiving an International Exchange Award being the only female asked to perform.

Award winning Songwriter

Awarded Best Female Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, Silver Medal, Global Music Awards, Semi-Finalists Song of the Year, Winner Accolade Global Film Competition, Best Dance Song, and Winner of American Songwriting awardYou can hear her in stores across the globe and on radio and TV (Bravo, CMTV, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, MUN2). 


Kim was an award winner for her musical 'Her Story' by the New York Screenplay, as well as, the Amsterdam Film Festival.  She is also the Screenwriter, Director, and Producer for a full-length animated feature film 'Seaper Powers.'



Awards & Reviews 


Carpe Musicam (January 2019) 

Selected FilmGate Festival Best Music Video (Simply Naked)
#1 Top Starfleet (Tighter)
Detaron TV, Official Selection (Simply Naked)
Top 20 Masspool, Top 40 DJ Times, #1 Starfleet Pool (Didn't Know I was Fallin')
Selected Detaron TV (Simply Naked)
Indie Music Channel Best Female Dance Artist & Best Dance Song Nominee (Let Me Ask You) 
Widescreen Film Festival Best Music Video Selected (Fearless Lovers)
Indie Music Channel Best Dance Video Nominee (Take Me Back to Ibiza)
Global Music Awards - Bronze Medal (Fearless Lovers)
DJ Times Pick of the Week & Top 25 (Fearless Lovers)
Selected World Film Festival (Fearless Lovers)
Clouzine Best Dance Song (Fearless Lovers)
Selected European Independent Film Award (Share My Pillow) 
Top 30 Dance Chart - Dance Environment (Fearless Lovers)
Top 30 Starfleet Dance Chart (Share My Pillow)
Best Independents International Film Festival (Share My Pillow) Finalist
The European Independent Film Award (Share My Pillow) Gold
Top 30 Dance Chart - Dance Environment (Fearless Lovers)
Top 30 Starfleet Dance Chart (Share My Pillow)
Best Independents International Film Festival (Share My Pillow) Finalist
The European Independent Film Award (Share My Pillow) Gold


Greatest Hits (January 2018)  

Nominated Orlando Film Festival (Scattered)
Winner American Songwriting Award (Dancing in the Dark)
Global Music Awards - Silver Medal (Share My Pillow)
Global Music Awards - Bronze Medal Best Music Video (Living Without Me)
Los Angeles Film Awards Selected for Best Music Video (Spin Me Ever After) 
#1 Starfleet Dance Chart (Living Without Me)
Selected Glasgow TM Film Festival (Spin Me Ever After)
#1 NumberOne Music Dance Chart (Living Without Me)
Semi Finalist Song of the Year (Living Without Me)
Best Dance Song Indie Music Channel Nominee (Living Without Me)
Best Recording Indie Music Channel (Dancing in the Dark Bimbo Jones Remix)
Madrid International Film Festival (Spin Me Ever After) Award Winner
Latitude Film Awards (Broken Heart) Bronze Winner


DJ Times #3 Most Added, & Top 30
Los Angeles Film Awards - Selected (Beautiful Music Video) 
Accolade Film Competition Winner (Dancing in the Dark)
Best Shorts Competition Winner (Dancing in the Dark Music Video)
Over 1 Million Spins Who's In-Store (Dancing in the Dark)
Global Music Awards Bronze (Beautiful Music Video)
NYC Indie Film Awards Bronze (Dancing in the Dark)
Frame by Sound Festival Semi-Finalist (Dancing in the Dark)
Starfleet Music Chart Top 5
Akaaemia Best Song Dance / Electronica (Dancing in the Dark)
Clouzine Best Dance Song (Dancing in the Dark)
Selected Birmingham Film Festival Birmingham Film Festival 
Selected Berlin Motion Picture Festival (Don't Leave Me This Way)
Nominated Best Music Video Clip Best Independents Film Festival (Dancing in the Dark)
Best Dance Video Indie Music Channel (Dancing in the Dark)
International Independent Film Awards Silver Winner (Dancing in the Dark)
Naturally Yours  
Starfleet Music Chart - 8 #1's 
BDS Rhythm Chart Top 30
Top 120 DRT National Chart
Top 20 DRT Indie Chart 
Top Indecouvertes 
Semi-Finalists for Song of the Year 'Moon on the Water' 
Silver Medal Best Dance Song 'Moon on the Water' (GMA)
Silver Medal Best Dance Song 'Falling Stars' (GMA)
UK Music Week Commercial Dance Chart Top 20 
Indie Music Channel Best Dance Video Nomination
Selected for London Independent Film Awards 'Wanna Go' Music Video
Selected for the Action on Film Festival 'Wanna Go' Music Video 
Selected for Los Angeles Film Awards 'Adulting' Music Video
Winner for Switzerland International Film Awards 'Wanna Go' Best Music Video
No Regrets 
Starfleet Music Chart - 4 #1's 
DJ Times Chart 
BDS Pop Chart 
Media base Chart 
Europe's Independent Chart - Top 20 Top Indecouvertes

Still Spinning 

Billboard Dance Club Chart Top 20 Twice (Now You're Mine, Not Into You)
Top 5 DJ Times Chart
Starfleet Music Chart 3 #1's 
Mediabase Chart

Spin Me Ever After

Best Live Performance (Akaaemia)
#1 on Power FM Global Radio (Feel it Back) 
Album of the Year (Universal Conquest Awards)

The Blond Side

5 Charting Singles on Mediabase/BDS
Billboard Top 40 


9 out of 10 Stars
Featured on American Airlines in-Flight


Side FX has toured across the US, performing at the Nation's most famous venues including the Baked Potato, Rams Head Live, Birchmere, Blues Alley, Genghis Cohen, Key Club, the Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, National Cherry Blossom Festival, and Tobacco Road to name a few. This past year, they added a two week Caribbean tour and the UK to their touring bucket. World Wide Press & Music Placement National press & music placements have included Playboy Radio, Sirius, ABC's Low Country, CBS' Morning Show, CBS' Talk Philly, Vents Magazine, Redskins Nation, Alli Sports, Eos music, DMX, MooMoo Music, Pure Play, More Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Music Connection, Joey Reynolds' show, and Jim Bohannon show.




Contradictions (Released 2008) 

Kim Cameron started 'Side FX'in 2008, launching the first CD, 'Contradictions.' The CD was featured on US AAA and International radio stations in the first two months of its release with bigger scores on American Airlines, MTV Philippines, and live performances on Plum TV, Command Performance, and a sold out show at Blues Alley. 

 Turning Point (Released 2010) 

In January 2010, Side FX finished their second album 'Turning Point' which was produced by producers of No Doubt, Garbage, Britney Spears, charted on the College Music Journal (CMJ) in October of 2010 and on numerous AAA stations.

The Blond Side (Released 2011) 

The Blond Side (produced by Richie Cannata of JLo, Billy Joel) by picking up a major world wide distribution deal and charting several singles ('My Face is Shining' Australia, 'A Dance' #31 Billboard's Top 40; 'Paradise' #31 Mediabase AC Charts; '3 Seconds' Mediabase #51; 'My Face is Shining' Mediabase #31). Kim Cameron finished 2011 headlining the Army-Navy Game Gala at the Washington Convention Center and performed the National Anthem for NFL's Washington Redskins on Fedex Field to over 68,000 people watching.

Spin Me Ever After (Released 2012) 

The '3 Second' music video went viral with over 1 Million YouTube views, landing them both a management and agency contract within days of each other. They released their 4th album Spin Me Ever After an all dance and electronica mix which immediately received 5 out of 5 stars from numerous music bloggers and critics. Their newest music video 'Man I Used to Know' drove them to over 2.4 Million YouTube views in just weeks. They finished the year with an international tour and Album of the Year award.

Still Spinning (Released 2013) 

A few weeks into the new year and Side FX has proven no mountain is too grand to climb. After performing a powerhouse dance show at the legendary Tobacco Road, Comcast New England, Northern California and DC contacted the band offering a 30-minute spot on their Xfinity programming, earning them a Best Live Performance Award. At the same time, their single Man I Used to Know was picked up by 10 stations in the first week. To keep the dance party going, they released two new singles in the spring 'Not into You' and 'A Little Bit in Love' for their 'Still Spinning' EP. The video took off and jumped them over the 4 Million YouTube view mark. In July, they used Producer, Grammy-Nominated Remixer Mike Rizzo to remix Not Into You which not only charted on Mediabase within the first two weeks, but hit #8 on the DJ Times National chart and the Top 20 on Billboard's Dance Club chart. Now You're Mine 2014 Their first 2014 single Now You're Mine, is Kim's 2nd Top 20 hit. The renown P.S. 22 Chorus asked to recreate the magic with the hit single with Kim. Kim was also nominated by American Songwriter's association for the single. Right before summer, Kim released her next big hit called Let's Fall in Love. It was immediately picked up by the Top 40 stations in San Francisco, Palm Springs, Panama City, and Las Vegas after her viral video went over 300,000 views. It hit #1 on both Dance and Crossover music pool charts. To top off the first six months of the year, she performed for NFL's Giants at the Giants vs. Steelers game. 

No Regrets (2015) 

After releasing the EP version of No Regrets, the songwriting inspiration continued. Using this fresh new sound and approach to her dance music style, Kim decides to release No Regrets - the album version - in January with remixes and new tracks. Drive soars to the top 200 on both BDS and Mediabase charts while hitting #1 on DJ charts in the US. It finished the year with three #1 hits and four Top 10 hits from the same album. London's own Hot 96 picked up Blind Love, while 90 European stations picked up 4 of the other albums singles. Towards the end of the year, Kim releases 'Falling Stars,' which garnered a UK radio and TV tour that included over 20 performances in 6 days, not to mention several features at the Amsterdam's Dance Event. USA's BDS and Mediabase charts placed her new single in the Top 40 within weeks. 


Naturally Yours (2016) 

2016 started out with a bang. After an explosive New Year's Eve 5,000 person-sold out concert in the Dominican Republic and media tour, Kim and her newest percussionist, and well known international artist Pablito Drum, decided to team together and release a killer single remix on the newest album Naturally Yours (Mad World). In March, Kim did her first German tour with DJ Toka to over 3,000 people, and in October, she performed during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The entire Naturally Yours album is a combination of deep house with sprinkles of the pop vocals. Now standing at at total of 14 number 1 hits, Naturally Yours has captured 8 number 1s so far. Remixes for this album will include international favorites DJ Max from Croatia, DJ Halo from NYC, LA's Robert EiBach, Wideboys from the UK, New York City's Roc, and Germany's George Wyman. 


Entwined (2017)

Entwined is a mixture of favorite original tracks and remixes from other artists. Kim starts off the year with another Silver Medal Award for last year's 'Moon on the Water' and nominations for her music video 'Wanna Go,' along with Best Emerging Female Artist.' She performed at the National Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, DC, several Miami festivals and in Cannes, France as the summer began.  Then headed to Croatia to the Wave Music festival where she headlined the festival, and toured Berlin and Amsterdam.  The original mix of Dancing in the Dark took home several music video and dance recording awards in addition to hiting the charts across the USA.


Greatest Hits Carpe Musicam (2018)

The Greatest Hits album was released in January 2018 and included several new collaborations as well as reworks from past albums.  Living without Me received a Semi Finalist award while Spin Me Ever After received several nominations for best music video. Dancing in the Dark remix won best dance recording.  Kim hit the Europe streets on her Carpe Musicam tour to Prague and Ibiza, heading the Ibiza Burlesque Festival at the legendary Heart club.  


Carpe Musicam (2019/2020) 

Kim released a brand new single for her Carpe Musicam tour and upcoming album Share My Pillow.  It immediately took the Silver Medal award and was a big hit in Ibiza with the sounds of summer dance floors. With the release of Carpe Musicam at the beginning of 2019, Kim kicked off Let Me Ask You with over 1 million spins in the first 4 months.  She toured from Los Angeles to Miami to France to China.  In between, she performed for the Marlins Baseball team in her home town just as she learned her recent collaboration with DJ Halo (Didn't know I was Fallin') hit the Top 20 on the Dance Charts.  Right before the year turned to the next decade, Kim released Simply Naked and Tighter, both charted in the top 20.


Look out world....Kim Cameron may never stop dancin'.

Kim Cameron

Lead Singer, Songwriter, Author

My name is Kim Cameron and, I grew up a few miles from the white sandy beaches of southern California.   In-between boogie board surfing, I marched in a band with my clarinet; performed in school musicals; sang in the choir, played in a cover band; and DJ'd at a dance club and a radio station. Unfortunately, when it came time to pay back those college loans, and deliver a rent check, I found myself leaving the true love of my life: music. I went down deep into the dreaded corporate world. After years of long hours, weekends, holidays, and late nights; I found few rewards, and ran into a lot of glass ceilings. After watching a family member battle cancer and frustrated with what I had compromised, I took a deep look at what drives and fulfills my soul. I made a giant leap of faith, betting on myself. I quit my job and formed Side FX Partners, LLC, and entertainment label. As CEO of the label, I have written 11 albums, (Seaper Powers, Contradictions, Turning Point, The Blond Side, Spin Me Ever After, Still Spinning, No Regrets, Naturally Yours, Entwined, Greatest Hits, Carpe Musicam), completed numerous tours; 21 States in USA, Caribbean, Germany, Morocco, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Spain and the UK. 

I found outstanding musicians on both coasts and abroad, created a publishing company, and hit Billboard Top 20 twice, and Billboard Top 40 twice!  Recently, I have been recognized as a Film Maker at several international and domestic film festivals with my first full-length feature film in the making. I had a dream come true in 2011 when I sang the National Anthem for the Washington Redskins game on NFL's 50 yard line, and then again for the New York Giants in 2014. 2013 brought me fantastic surprises with a 30-minute slot on Comcast's Xfinity programming across the USA, charting on Billboard again, and the publishing of my children's book series (Seaper Powers).  My song catalogue is well over 350 records strong, many of which are woven into other works, such as ‘Her Story.’  A musical that wrote and was workshopped in London’s East side just 1 year ago.

I could have never experienced any of this without my team and my manager.  So, my bio consists of both accomplishments, and much gratitude. For me, my music is an image of me, and those who have touched me; musical stories that others can find themselves in. There are so many great stories left to write, left to be told.




John DePatie

Side FX Songwriter

John teamed up with Side FX Partners almost from the very start of their first meeting. Kim and John met performing in LA at Genghis Cohen. Both felt an instant connection when it came to music and songwriting. John is known throughout Los Angeles and international circles for both his studio and on stage performances, but also for his ability to write across all genere's. He comes from a star-studded list of artists that he has performed or recorded with including Nancy Sinatra, Leif Garrett, Don Randi & Quest, Debbie Hennessey, the Coasters
The Marvelettes
, Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos), 
Johnny Lee
Eric Burdon (The Animals,) 
Dennis Edwards (Temptations), 
Frank Sinatra Jr.
, Connie Stevens
, Beth Hirsch (Air)and 
David Hughes
. His music has been licensed by major networks, movies and music manufacturers including HBO, PBS, Yamaha and EMU. Recently, he released his first solo EP. At the same time, he co-wrote and recorded 'Acoustimania' with studio legend Don Randi (Wrecking Crew) and Cathouse Thursday. On the weekends, John stars in and is the Musical Director for Carlos The Experience, the country's premier Santana Tribute band. With Side FX Partners, DePatie has recorded on The Blond Side (the album that hit Billboard / Mediabase radio charts 4 times); co-wrote the critically acclaimed 'Spin Me Ever After,' co-wrote and produced 'Still Spinning,' produced the highly sought-after children's audio book 'Seaper Powers,' and co-wrote & produced numerous TV network private catalog songs.

Kris Halo Pierce

Producer and DJ aka DJ Halo

Kris, or DJ Halo, is a multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer who has performed on America’s Got Talent with 8 million viewers, and placements at DJ Times, EDM Nations, MTV, TopSpin Media, Interscope, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, Tencent, and VH1.  His sound is often referred to as Balearic Beat.  His work with Kim Cameron has been recognized by the Global Music Awards, Latitude Film Awards, the European Independent Film Award, and the Orlando Film Festival.

Our Team

Musicans, Producers

Side FX continues to work with amazing musicians and producers from all over the country. Our collective team has produced Platinum hit records, appeared on hundreds of Billboard charts, performed in stadiums and crowds of 1000s, and received numerous awards and nominations for their work. They have shared stages with Leif Garrett, Nancy Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, the Platters, DMX, the Drifters, the Coasters, Temptations, the Beach Boys, Spyro Gyra, Bill Joel, Thievery Corporation and a host of others to name a few. They have produced Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Akon, Dream Theater and others. They have studied at Berklee, Shenandoah and other top music schools along with learning along side from some of the greats.